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Ramen, bakmie, guksu, kesme, udon are all types of noodles served around the world since thousands of years. Noodles are considered life and is mostly seen as delicious comfort food that could be eaten throughout the whole day. Because it can be prepared in many different ways each country has its own version. Chow Mein, laping, pho, wonton noodles, mi ayam and bibim-guksu are all described as super addictive and eaten by many people around the world!

So as you can imagine we can not think of the Asian cuisine without incorporating noodles. But the main question remains how do we bring all these different flavours into one restaurant in an up-and-coming food capital such as Rotterdam?

The answer is Noo.Me! After starting a crowdfunding campaign via Horecacrowdfunding.nl, which only took three days to reach their desired target, owner Danny started his noodle concept on the Botersloot 18A. Since september 2016 Noo.Me has truly earned their place right in the middle of Rotterdam centre as THE noodle bar.

At Noo.Me you can enjoy a healthy and delicious lunch or diner with great service, knowledgeable staff and a great atmosphere. From asian bites such as the Toasty Haha made from delicious shrimp on toast or our bestseller Chick you’re fried, 5 pieces of fried chicken thighs.

But that’s not all! Choose between several noodle soups such as the GoGo Nuts Laksa with prawn broth, fish cake, squid balls, prawns, fried tofu puffs and bean sprouts or the Pho-Bulous Me made with beef broth, sliced rib-eye, beef balls, bean sprouts and herbs.

And what better way to end your journey through Asia with some heavenly sweet endings. How does a Milky Way To Heaven sound? Or a Japanese Mochi Bun Bun?

But what makes Noo.me different from all the other Asian restaurants in Rotterdam?

Our bouillons are all home-made by one of our most dedicated and experienced chefs. Every day our soups will cook for about four to twelve hours to make sure the bouillons are at their best quality that meets our strict standards. Furthermore, we offer a  variety of home-made dishes so be sure to check our chalkboard where we regularly add new and improved Noo.Me dishes and display our specials of the week.

See you at Noo.Me!

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That the bouillons are traditionally prepared by the in-house chef.

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